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The Dating Race In Cyberspace

I am recently widowed at 81 and I don't consider myself old. The following are my experiences with dating the second around. I was suffering overwhelming sadness having recently lost my wife of 55 years. After an initial period of mourning, I was encouraged to enlist in computer dating. To be truthful, I was a bit apprehensive. However, after much consideration and istening to all that TV advertising, I did it and became 18 years old all again.
To all of you, both men and women, who as I did, suffer from the loss of a loved one and loneliness. You to there are others like you and they are waiting to meet you. Go out there, and whether by computer or by just going to a dance. Do not sit home alone and mope. GO FOR IT!
I write this with great respect for all of the ladies with whom I have been in contact. I realize the terrible imbalance of the female to male ratio and the sadness of loneliness.
All of the incidences depicted are true, but in respect for their privacy the names of all the ladies are fictitious.

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