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There's No Hate In Paradise

      Sadly, there are people living amongst us who do not believe in democracy. They also do not believe in religious freedom, women's rights, or in any rights, not even their own.
      It is  in their bible, that it is their duty to kill anyone who does not share in their ideals. I know this, because I read their bible. So, I wrote a book and named it, "Three's No Hate In Paradise"

      This book could be considered a true book of history. The primary characters depicted, and the romance indicated in the following story are fictitious. The settings and history I portray are to the best of my knowledge, true. In my last novel, "Dark Times Of Love & War", Sarah and Michael were married by the United States Chief Justice at the Palace of Justice, in Nuremberg Germany. At the close of the trials involving WW II war criminals, they returned to New York with their three-year-old daughter, Michelle. When the New York Daily Mirror, where Michael had been employed, closed. He was invited to join the news division of a major television network. In May of 1972, he is posted in Israel. This is the story about their youngest daughter, Maggie. She falls in love with a Palestinian terrorist, Hisham, and joins a terrorist cell. Follow Maggie in romance and espionage and learn the amazing history about a nation, united in democracy, surrounded by countries swearing to, I Quote "soak the land upon which they lived with their blood". Yes, not just drive them and their democracy out, but to kill as many of them as possible.   Since it is my opinion that reading a novel should not only be entertaining, but a source of education, as well as morality, I endeavor to accomplish this in my writings. If after you read this book, you come away with knowledge

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