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The Computer For Grandma And Grandpa

What I have found out is, and I am not happy to say this, but most of my contemporaries are computer illiterate. That is to say, they don't know crap about using a computer. To my amazement, I found most of them own one. So I wondered, why can't they use them? Are they not intelligent enough? That can't be, considering the advances in technology accomplished during their lifetimes. I asked many of my friends. Mostly they answered, I don't have the time. I wondered how come retired people don't have the time? I checked into that and found most had many idle moments.  So what is the reason? I finally figured it out. It is fear. Believe it or not the biggest obstacle seniors have regarding their learning how to use the computer is fear. Some are simply afraid they can't learn, others are afraid they will ruin their computer, and others are afraid of failure. My answer to them is "poppycock" in other words "bull shit".

Read this book and keep it with you when you use your computer; you can and will learn to use a computer, no-matter your age.

My Poetry

If you read what I write? You will have tasted of my heart. Words burst forth from me, as in a summer storm. You will know the thoughts of my innermost being.  I can find no end to the depths of my feelings. As my soul sinks into profundity, I take up the pen. The ink runs upon the paper and it is my blood.

The Divorce
Alone, alone - Each day is a sadness.
Have I traded my heart in a fit of madness?
Alone, alone - I search for loves magic
To find what has passed is truly tragic.
Alone, alone - I sit and wonder
What desires had we that they tore us asunder.
Alone, alone - I will lie in the earth
No-body to remember my death or my birth.

Our American Wonderlands
This is a complete copy of all the poems found in the video " American Wonderlands"
Freedom's Dream
I wrote this to remind all of us that are living in a free and democratic society how lucky we are.
There is no greater love of freedom
Than the love by those
For whom freedom is but a dream
As they who can only dream of freedom
Dream of the essence of life
So Tell me, what is the good of life
If you are not free to live it.

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