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Do You Know Us?
Poetic clues about American wild life.

We share this planet we all call home
In the water, the sky, or on land we roam.
Here there are clues for you to see
So you may guess who we may be.

It was in the summer of 2001, when my wife Blanche and I were working as volunteer national forest park rangers at The Cradle Of Forestry, the area of the first forestry school in the United States, located in the Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina. Our supervisor, approached Blanche and asked her to make up some kind of game to entertain the children. Blanche said "she wouldn't be able to, but my husband Mel, probably could./ I did!

This book, Do You Know Us?, was the result.

Who Are We?

We walk about on feet upright
We may be black, yellow, red or white
There is a lesson that we should learn
That all earth's creatures are our concern.
Note: If you can't get the answer to this rhyme, ask a young person. They are very good at it.

Oakie, The Little Oak Tree That Didn't Die.
A True Story

It was a Sunday in February, we had a cold front come through South West Florida. The temperature that day was a nippy 58 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was morning and as I stood looking out the window I noticed a small oak tree in the empty lot adjourning mine. I was aware a bulldozer was scheduled this coming week to remove all the shrubbery to make room for a new house. To me the thought of that tree being killed seemed a disaster. I kept visualizing the very majestic and beautiful specimen it would grow to be. It wasn't more than 5 minutes that wit shovel in hand I would rescue the little tree I called Oakie. This book is written in comic book style, with much humor and many graphics. It is written to install the love and appreciation of our ecology. I promise, it does just that..

Daisey Duck Teaches School
A true story

This book as all the books I have written for young people will show the importance of respecting our ecology. It is about a baby duck, (Cormorant) living in the Florida Keys that got caught up in fishing line and would have died if a passing fisherman hadn't rescued it.
The following are the last lines as written. "Daisy's wings were bruised and broken And even with much special care. She will have to live here at the shelter, and never fly out into the air. Now Daisy travels to the schools, with a message for you to see, Never throw plastics, fishing line Or trash into the sea"...

The Turtle That Fell From The Sky
A true story

Somehow I get the feeling you don't believe me. It is true he landed atop a car, driven by a fellow volunteer working at the Museum Of science And Discovery.
I was there when he was brought in. The following are the last lines in the book.

Here he grew healthy and strong and is no longer small
And they gave him the name of Lucky Freefall.

    In the spring of 1997, Lucky Freefall was released into the ocean near where he was born. He is now free to roam the seven seas. When the time comes for him to parent young, he will  return to this area.

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